Projects and Research:

We here at Krill Labs are always trying something new. Whether it's updating an existing product, attempting to add support to established theories, building science demos, providing insight on little known topics, or inventing something completely revolutionary, we are up to the challenge.

Entry6: Beer Bottle Capacitor Bank
6/14/2009 Cheap high voltage salt water capacitors.

Entry5: High Voltage Source V2.0 (25kV)
6/7/2009 A high voltage generator using car parts.

Entry4: Directionalized Capacitor Bank Discharger
5/25/2009 Using a Magnet to direct a high voltage electrical discharge.

Entry3: High Voltage Source (15kV)
8/1/2008 An ultra high voltage generator using tv parts.

Entry2: Arc Flash Generator
7/1/2008 The creation of arc flashes using a high voltage generator

Entry1: Jacobs Ladders
4/1/2004 to 2008 Using a Neon Light Transformer to make a primative Jacobs Ladder

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